My personal conclusions...

*​​​ The inclusion and legitimization of Cultural Pedophilia in Islam, has become a 'Weaponization -of -Rape 'on a Cultural scale',  thru serial traumatization- "to wound or injure (the body of a Person> a Family> a Community>) a Nation -through the Repeated mental and physical trauma of large scale serial gang Raping of a girl child, a teen, a woman and of boys,       aiming at the destruction of the most precious and vulnerable part of a human beneath the conduct of Any Human, yet, worse...     because Pedophilia targets Children, the young and most vulnerable of all humans, it is the most despicable and evil crime, that not only damages the child, but destroys the rapists' access to His/Her own soul.    Islam is the only Culture which has condoned and  legitimized Child Rape.  

[ The Raping of Children is not restricted to Muslims, or religions,  Humanity is     Plagued with pedophiles and slavery worldwide. ]                                                                               


   news about Islam & Women:​​                                                                             


Islam legalizes up to 4 wives per male ... and considers 9 years old the legal marriageable age for girls, ( Mohammed married a child of 6 years, and consummated the marriage  when she was 9 (before her menses);  so all men can identify and emulate him if they will.   Sex slaves and female prisoners are also legal property,                                                                             All the above plus  Kidnapping & Rape ('Grooming' gangs) are condoned and accepted throughout the 'western' world of Islam; which certainly gives Islam an edge when laying claim to being the world's fastest growing global "Religion".    One could say, Islam has weaponized breeding.  As Europe can attest.                   [ Men can control their penis 'heads',  young  boys & animals can not.]                          February 17, 2009 The founder and CEO of Bridges TV, a Muslim TV channel, is charged with a gruesome murder, the beheading of his wife.

Saudi Arabia's Role in the Rothschild Mafia Syndicate


    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"                        A Directive, a Caution....And.....a Warning                                           the damage we do to others                                          Whittles away our own Inmost connection                             leaving us alone, cut off in isolation and insanity                        Hungry Ghosts with the loss  of our  Humanity