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       MAY- JUNE  2018         GAZA / ISRAEL

                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                              This "2nd Sight/site" is an evolving perspective     that started with the "Gaza" video above,      I began looking for the Jewish perspective  and found "the Green Prince", Mosab Hassan Yousef (see his 1st vid above).  The clear Light of  his Consciousness  opened the doors of my Perception to the terrible Reality of the 7th century belief system of Islam,  that is hacking it's way thru the 21 st century...in it's Jihad of hate and self destructiveness. 

Isralis are not to blame for the war crimes of Giza.  The belief system of Islam is.  


The Good News Is:  Yes! the Perspectives of the People of Earth  Are shifting.  Seeing & learning how We are Being Programmed and Controlled as Herd animals; lied to and deceived by Government 'officials' and authority figures. Around the World, in all walks of life,  We Are waking up to a literal nightmarish theater show we are told is the 'true reality', so scary we have no choice to change their directions (of choice).   WHAT!, It Is Our Choice...(Remember) 

I think Rupert Sheldrakes' take on the 'Morphic Field' is correct, and that is why the Earth Changes -for us & the Planet- are speeding up.  We are surfing for our survival, mounting a monstrous /or wonderous wave, please listen for the call to  'Stand and Speak Out', to change the direction and add your conscious choice for Life.  Now is not the time to relax!  But, to take wing!               

 JUNE 14, 2018...........We Celebrate the BRILLIANT  HISTORIC SUMMIT MEETING of President Donald J. Trump  with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.   May this denuclearization trade agreement Be The New Paradigm -IT FEELS LIKE!  CONGRATULATIONS  PRESIDENT TRUMP.  THANK YOU.  BOTH. And for reaching out to collaborate with the leaders of China, Russia, South Korea and Japan.  It is Wonderful to see RIGHT ACTION happening again in our darkened Inverted World.   What a Stupendous Accomplishment .  Hats Off.

This next video is a Fine Comprehensive Overview-with a Twist!  I hope you will be inspired.  God Bless.  ; )

Two points: 

1. It isn't just Humanity under attack, it is the Life of planet Earth.  That is, Planet Earth Itself & all her natural Life.  Programs in place are transmuting our Atmosphere, already in many parts of the world the air is toxic enough to warrant wearing masks for health concerns and as the nano-particle's continue to rain upon us the air is too toxic to breathe, the earth is poisoned for farming, the waters are poisoning its' life and all living systems are dying.  Also  g.m.o. plants and animals/experiments are now loose on the planet, mutating Earth forms.  There is  ongoing genetic tinkering with any and all species -human also, pigs grow human hearts-for us...please remember this Is Our Earth, a Planet we share with all the life on or in it .    We 'humans' seem to be in denial  of Life.   Forgoing all oversight, regulation and control.   Suicidally self centered.                        

video by MAXWELL  EGAN


      2018, this page, began with the crushing, seemingly hopeless issue of:

                                  ISRAEL AND  GAZA                                                                                            ISRAEL AND PALESTINE                                           

MEMORIAL DAY- 2018 :  23,447 fallen soldiers since 1948 - Israel National News :

The plight of Palestine has been a painful presence in me for years.  'Gaza', the video above, broke me open, and this page began ...as I looked around this web at our world and discovered my ignorance.  I am adding relevant perspectives and looking at other sides.  Gradually the 'doors of Perception' are cracking open and revealing a wholly new aspect of our forever warring World to me;  as intense a view as the volcanic lava from Earths' core rising from Kilauea. (look below for that story. )   This page is in process, reflecting the process of my inquiry.  I feel like 'Gretel'  following a dark path of Awakening.    I hope you will join me on this spirit walk and find your path of Awakening to the World we share.  Not to polarize our views, but to expand our perception of Reality and to empower finding a future we all can agree to.  

 New level!  with a Good Twist !

 2.  Our Magnetosphere,  "The Magnetosphere shields our home planet from solar and cosmic particle radiation, as well as erosion of the Atmosphere by the solar  wind - the constant flow of charged particles streaming off the sun.... over the past few years it's become clear that the invisible bubble that protects our planet from the lethal conditions of outer space has been getting weaker and weaker, best estimates, the field is now weakening around 10 times faster than initially thought, losing approximately 5 percent of its strength every decade.''  But they don't really know why, or what that means for our planet."   (or, us). .."last week, E.S.A.* researchers showed that the magnetic field has weakened by about 3.5 percent over the top of North America since 1999, but has strengthened by roughly 2 percent over Asia in that same time period. " On top of all that, "the North Pole is wandering eastward towards the Asian continent pretty quickly."      for more info :                                 https://science.nasa.gov/heliophysics/focus-areas/magnetosphere-ionosphere      * European Space Agency                                               

 On previous pages I have posted videos on pg 2 & 3 of 'Reflections' about Weather modification & Weaponization and other nasty topics affecting all of us,  Here, I am imparting how these actions affect our 'Totality'   ...and Point Out> of course this will  upset the balance of our solar system as well,  we are part of a  whole, the wave of dis-ease doesn't stop here either, it is the 'Butterfly effect'... As Part of a Greater Being, how can we allow this to be happening?  If we  focus our Care With Intention - we Can make a difference. 

We have no idea what is happening, just that it is Deadly for Life.  Why are we following these Stupid Directions?  We Are Better Than This .  


A  THOUGHTFUL  HUMANITARIAN  PEACE             OFFERING FOR A NEIGHBOR                                                                                                       I have the Great respect for Israel's  Water Programs and Accomplishments.                 I hope this will interest you :                                                                                                                PRIMARY WATER                                                             

and then Kilauea And The Ring of  Fire  -    happened as EARTHs' Core heats up....

"PALESTINIAN GENOCIDE:  5,100,000 Palestinians have been killed since 1948" -Discussion in 'Middle East & Africa' started by Barmin,   Jan 3, 2016