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                        Please join me in a  Prayerful walk along the shore...

reflecting on our life, dreams and pains...  for tomorrow and each other                          and most especially, for the Children...

Reflect... our Aware Consciousnesses Merge,  like this Vast Sea we walk beside, the water of our bodies joining our merging etheric bodies with the seas and oceans,  each filling a different space that will nurture the other, the land and the sea.   we of the land and air breathe together, this special mix - gases -  atmosphere, we create together as we inhale and exhale breath creating, nurturing each other, the conscious waters of our bodies - merge fluidly with  all Life.                                                                                                                          Humanity is only just beginning to consciously glimpse the Infinitude of One.   In one perspective, We are One Earthly Life, part of an unimaginable Vastness, The Cosmic Embryo  creating ItSelf.  

Together all Life forms as One Timeless Cresting Wave of Awareness and Consciousness, Sweeping around and thru Us/here/now in the Struggle of Solar and Planetary transformation in this Galactic Moment. Potentializing a New Cosmic Portal / Gateway of Conscious Awareness. 

May The Aware Consciousness of our Divine Innate Spirit  Address The Darkness of our World with Human  concern,  compassionate Heart and The Grace to Focus Our Inner Light of Divine Consciousness into the swarming Darkness of Fear & Terror attacking Our Lives and Our Home -  Light Our Innate Truth of Knowledge Leading Us To The Transformation of Our Innate Potential.  

                    To have eyes to See, ears to Hear...  Is to Change                                                               LET GO AND LET GOD


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​​​The shapeshifting quality and patterns Life expresses in Nature  inspire me.   In some of my paintings, I  weave patterns of beings I see in Nature and play with shifting the positive and negative of the back and fore grounds - ex: sky seen through trees becomes the shape of a form.  Shifting focus will shift mind to open & view new forms, stimulating reflections of relationships in the viewer.  Empowering a journey  in our 'minds' eye', for our self reflective consciousness to enter into the archetypal and meta realms of  Being...Micro to Macro.  

​​​​​​In my ​​​​perspective, human beings are an expression of Universal Being and our consciousness is part of Multi-Dimensional / Multi-Versal  Consciousness.  For me, a painting is a point of focus interfacing my physical and the numinous subtle energies. The act of painting an expression from the inner open-ended focus of Consciousness manifesting into physical reality;   the expression of a Thought Form.