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Welcome !​      Thank You for Visiting.                                    Dora

​​​The shapeshifting quality and patterns Life expresses in Nature  inspire me.   In some of my paintings, I  weave patterns of beings I see in Nature and play with shifting the positive and negative of the back and fore grounds - ex: sky seen through trees becomes the shape of a form.  Shifting focus will shift mind to open & view new forms, stimulating reflections of relationships in the viewer.  Empowering a journey  in our 'minds' eye', for our self reflective consciousness to enter into the archetypal and meta realms of Being...Micro to Macro.  

​​​​​​In my ​​​​perspective, human beings are an expression of Universal Being and our consciousness is part of Multi-Dimensional / Multi-Versal  Consciousness.  For me, a painting is a point of focus interfacing my physical and the numinous subtle energies. The act of painting an expression from the inner open-ended focus of Consciousness manifesting into physical reality;   the expression of a Thought Form.