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   Harald Kautz Vella   ~   Wholistic  Scientist of the 21st Century

    The Clarity of David Icke...


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I am in  the process of expanding my website with a section that reflects my concerns for Humanity and our World.      The first page called 'AGENDAS' and the related pages are in the Vertical Column you will see below it-hover the cursor. It is informational, videos & links.  The issues address darkness within the Spot Light of our Care and Focus.  With the Prayer :                                                                         May we enlighten our World with Consciousness.                                                  To have eyes to See,          ears to hear...        is to Change.                                                                        I hope you will visit there.

   JAMMIN ... B.B. KING & ERIC  CLAPTON     &&&&      

Meta Physics  /  Dimensionality


Into the Future with Elon Musk

        An American Heroine

              Kristen Meghan

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             Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

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