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EX DEFENSE MINISTER OF CANADA                                           PAUL   HELLYER       

         A  GOOD  NEIGHBORS' CALL :                                            WAKE UP AMERICA                   

     This next video,  is on the U.N. Plan '" Agenda 21 ".    David Icke  presents the overall  -  Plan of the N.W.O.  Clearly and directly.            If you are not aware of its' over reaching Plans & Decisions For Your Life, Your Property, Your Freedoms  and for Your  Death ... This is a passionate presentation of great concern -AND WAKE UP- for our World.         Please...                                                  verify with 'Search' .  I did.                                                                                                       


Our Fairy Tale is "The Emperor's New Clothes" !  With Militarization aimed at Nuclear ends.  Our children are being programmed as war fodder, preyed upon sexually and vaccinated at birth with hard core HepB - Mercury poison in an attack on the young with multiple vaccines from then on; the most given in the 1st 3 yrs- When their Immune system is the strongest - Look it up...go to: 'search- CDC. 'childrens'vaccination schedule'  .  do a search on what is in the vaccines.    Question. Inform yourself.   We live in an over populated World and  are killed off in many ways  by our 'Unbridled,  Unprincipled  Leaders'- Bankers, Corporations, Politicians, Scientists and Militarists run by  the 1% Of the 1% ! who subvert and manipulate  for Their (own) Greater Good.     And They Are The Few in Each and Every group . The world teems with Sociopaths.  But  the Majority are people of Heart who trust others are like them, who are led and driven with FEAR the stick, Protection the racket, Death the goal.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Another Warrior with a Wake Up Call         for our World  - on Geoengineering  .            'Mainstream Medias' Non Identification       of the ongoing Disasters of Weather Wars     on Planet Earth...        Dane Wigington

                  Rosalind Peterson You Rock !                                       

                         Please Listen to Her                                               speak on Geoengineering,                                                   Earth Changes                                                     and  Weather Weaponry


                          ( some of the videos I have chosen are not current,  but all are relevant for Today,   whatever the date is. )                                                                                                                          ...  May you and  your loved ones choose to follow the path of Wellness.

      The Fairy Tale for Our Time is :              THE EMPERORS NEW CLOTHES !                       May You Be Well and Prosper. 

    Our Reality is Planned out in a Psychopathic Wet Dream by     "The Elites "  And It Is In Place, Process and Happening in our towns , our cities...our 'Body Politic...' Globally.   We have been Insidiously invaded, the U.S. and The Nations of the World,  the Peoples of our Planet.

One example of a current Genocide we of the World are All Complicit In and With.  GAZA. It is Criminal.   Please see (page) '2018'. 

The Main point I am trying to communicate is,  there are 7.5 BILLION PEOPLE on Planet Earth and the 'Powers that Be' have been known to decree only 1 BILLION of 'us' is a goal.  Eugenics programs are a reality,  War and Weather Wars Are Happening Globally.  Known facts of Chem trails poisoning atmosphere, all earth, water,earth and Life.  D.E.W.-Lasers/Microwave- & HARRP are targeting Civilizations' infrastructure and Nations, creating Disasters.  People  (all Species) are viewed as Expendable.  In the U.S. people are deeply Shocked and 'Terrorized"  by the Insanity of our 'Leaders',  the state of our World and its' rapid 'fall to Hell' such fear & desperation the  old tried and true "Divide and Conquer " tactics Are turning Americans in all walks of life Against One Another on every level of diversity...from the militarization of  of our 'Peace Keepers' -our own sons and daughters in the Police  (And the Military) against the populace of Their own country.  The Lemmings who run off cliffs by the thousands,  the sentient Mammals of the oceans now beaching themselves - much as the droves of Buddhist Monks set fire to themselves in protest during the Vietnam era . Self-Destruction as Protest.   And is in FULL FLOWER ON PLANET EARTH.  While the BREAD & CIRCUSES are ever more demanding of our attention...Look to our LEADERS...                 We may not trust but most of us follow and obey, conditioned against  alternative perspectives which also frighten and destroy our sense of security; knowing our world is 'broken', feeling powerless to 'fix' it.  We help to create a world of woe thru the denial of our realities.  Disasters are being created by High tech programs in plain view by'Authorities' with glib inverted rationales.   People are turned against People by brutality, hunger,violence the Creation of unending war and ...

Noam Chomskys' oversight reflections and thoughts on survival in our Nuclear Age, rising from his in depth knowledge base and the wisdom of a compassionate man of peace.  He Lights' a path of  Much Needed Guidance thru our Perilous Times.                         May it move you as it has me.

Max Mogren :
Published on Feb 1, 2015
"This short educational film advocates drones, cloud seeding, weather control, climate modification, storm steering, and wireless electromagnetic manipulation of the atmosphere all the way back in 1959.  We are seeing all of those things used covertly and illegally today."

                                 a  Perspective Flip                                   Hummm ... Walt an Elites'  affiliated  'Arm'                                             ...  very disturbing.                                                                                                                                     

Although Lake County is not listed with the other counties (which it borders) in this years Disaster Fires of Northern California,  Clearlake the town, burned- again this year; as well as the Tubbs' fire in the south encroaching on Middletown, and the in county fire to its northwest.   It Is our 3rd consecutive year of Overwhelming Fire, in the 'County of Lake'.    I think we have been a 'testing ground' for the widespread use of these high tech tools as Weapons. I saw photos of trees burning from the inside then as now. My daughters' home, destroyed in the Valley Fire 2 yrs ago had no rubble, only ash and some stone steps in front.  a beautiful 4 bdrm home.  no Fridge, stove, ..nothing but ash.  BUT, the Destruction of / in Santa Rosa and Napa , true cities, is driving us all to the realization of an ARROGANT COMPLICITY at work within our Government; that IS a Clear Warning for...ALL ...Californians...Americans...And ... .  The FEAR Factor is being Escalated.  (INCLUDING : the 4 or 5 Hurricanes! ravaging States from Texas-to Fla- to N.Carolina & by the mass shootings in L.Vegas, and around the county...the world...with many whispers of 'False Flags by the abc's.                     Please watch...the U.N. Plan. of   ...                                                                        AGENDA 21

Santa Rosa, California  Oct. 20, 2017         a short video beginning Up Front &  Personal; ending with drone & TV News  overviews. A taste thru 2nd hand  Reality. 

Our   UnNatural "FireStorm/Inferno".

 I am convinced This is a product of targeted Weather Weaponry .   It could be  Your neighborhood, your Home, You.                  

                   ‘THE EMPERORS’ NEW CLOTHES’‘                       Metaphors'  of my youth  have helped my eyes to see &  Inspired me thru the years.     Classics Are Golden  ; )


       Catherine Austin Fitts  and  Cynthia  Ann McKinney 

Catherine Austin Fitts: President of Solari, Inc., served as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner in the 1st Bush Administration.

Cynthia McKinney served 6 terms as Congresswoman in the House of Representatives from Georgia and in 2008 she was  the Green Party's Presidential Nominee.

Both women have first hand experience  ' in the trenches' of the U.S. Government' and both have and are still fighting for 'us, the People.  I hope you will watch with appreciation, pride and respect for these women who have never backed down  in their chosen path of working for Honest government with Integrity.

   Highly  Informed Clear Minded Woman -                     A  Leader with Direction                           and  a  Plan  for effective change.                                     Naomi Klein