​SHARIA LAW anyone ?   Their Agendas are Not U.S.A.'s.

Dec 29, 2020  I wanted to send this email to 'The Congress ', People of our Government...and found I could NOT.

I live in CA. and my County and State polititians are All active 'Democratic Socialist-Marxists ', and I do not feel any empathy from them in terms of Patriotic orientation.  Under our online 'access; to Congress, I could not even get an email address for  a Republican or any other listing  than these 3- 'District' Rep, , Senator or Gov  .  So, I am Putting it out to anyone who Will Read it and hope you will pass it along.  I find this 'system of Governmental Feedback ' Totally Unacceptable'. 

A Citizens' Letter to Congress: 
First, Thank All You American Statesmen who Are Publicly Standing UP For THE Constitutional Republic of AMERICA -under God,  Actively Supporting our Rights, our President and Fighting For US ALL...In This UNHOLY COUP.

I now Carry a HUGE HEARTACHE within My body, for all the TREACHERY BEHIND THE U.S. Political MASK OF DENIAL.  
TO WATCH [most of] OUR CONGRESS continue to Pretend NOTHING  IS HAPPENING HERE!!!  BUSINESS AS USUAL. Is an Insult and A Farce.  
INSTEAD OF MOVING to Stop the Obvious CORRUPTIONS IN  PLACE- FOR ALL TO SEE... Congress and GOV. Departments, Riddled with Traitors, are Being Allowed to Continue their Subversive ATTACKS on Our Republic....[Inhibiting/castrating!, the Good People]... Within the EDUCATION Dept, the DOJ, the FBI, the STATE Dept, the CIA, the SAS Bureaucracy, the Supreme & Federal Court Systems, the Governors, Mayors, the Lobbying DEAL Making and On Down the Line following the MONEY, THE PAY FOR PLAY... Now Obvious & Outed to The World !...which Is Following all of the Lying, Cheating, Stealing> COLD WAR to drag America Down.

...and if it is a successful COUP....the 'We The People' who have been The SuperPower Backing Up all the smaller Nations for Freedom in our World...will fail Them, & They Will Go Down Also...leaving The Giant Totalitarian States, with Big Corps: Tech, Medias, Pharma.. Controlled by China, .backed by the U.N. - to usher in the new order of global Totalitarian regime. No more Human Freedoms or Advocates. 

The Corruption of our World... and those behind it, are Being Revealed.  And the Goal, the Agenda Which You All Know.  So, What kind of Americans are You?  If You, Our 'Leaders', ALLOW-through InAction Or Obstruction-  U.S. to the Constitutional Democratic Republic  We Are, You are forever Branded Anti-Americans. Traitors.

It is NOT 'business as usual', 'no 'election fraud' here'.  It is The DEATH of our REPUBLIC...IF...YOU DO NOT ...PUBLICLY TAKE ACTION AND STAND AGAINST THIS COUP, THIS ELECTION FRAUD AND FIGHT FOR U.S./US on all levels of Our Nation..   It is Unconscionable -  to Play Politics as Usual.  You are For Our Republic, and If NOT...may You be Fired. Immediately..   Prosecuted for sedition and treason.  We Are Not a Democratic Socialist/Marxist State, under the U.N., to be occupied & policed by China... YET.... 

You All Know, and now We The People Know - what this Coup is About. .. If you are Not Serving Us with your Heart and Mind.  Both 'Hands' Together, One Nation Under God...  You do Not Deserve to Sit in any U.S. Power Seat. Those who are not willing to Stand and Be Counted as Patriots...Now-Are standing out like 'Sore Thumbs'  ie, Swollen ...fallen...'tares'.

and Last, Thank All You American Statesmen who Are Publicly Standing UP For THE Constitutional Republic of AMERICA, And Fighting For US ALL...In This UNHOLY COUP.

Citizen D.J. Cornwall