Some 'Things' DO NEED REGULATION :                                                          PROTECT CHILDHOOD, PUBERTY, PERSONAL CHOICES

PROTECT OUR BABIES AND CHILDREN AND TEENS                                            :FROM PREDATORS                                                                                           :FROM GLOBALIST AGENDAS                                                                          :FROM SEXUALIZATION                                                                                      :FROM TARGETING CHILDREN FOR OR IN THE MARKET PLACE                  :FROM BEING SEX TOYS/SLAVES/SACRIFICES                                                :FROM BIG PHARMA                                                                                          : FROM ALL VACCINATIONS 

 JonBenet Ramsey                      The six-year-                                  old beauty Queen                           found murdered                            in her basement.         

(still unsolved:   jan. 2019)

PEDOPHILIA IS GLOBALLY ENDEMIC.  The Children in America are Being raised 'as if' To Be Sexually Used, There Is A Market.              For Beautiful tiny girls, sexualized little virgins.  3 - 15  .   Babies.  Girls.  Women.  Female.  All are at Risk.  MANY THOUSANDS GONE.

Marketing with Programming are destroying Childhood; creating adult gender roles and  sexual precociousness , programming Values and Attitudes thru Media, Entertainment, Cartoons, Styles, the Marketplace.Culture.. our children are at Risk. Parents need  to educate themselves, share concerns and ideals with each other and Raise their Voices in   Large Groups, Video meetings and Events and put them in the 'Public Eye  USE BOYCOTTS, The State   is taking Control Of Our Children in Schools,  making decisions on their Schooling, their Health care ( Vaccinations), their sexuality, their idea of 'God'...Sharia Law and Islamic worship is being Allowed into the Education system. 

 MEDIA'$  & MOVIE'$ PROGRAM$                  Targeting & In Forming Children :